Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are financial instruments composed by various assets. The market has had a major development with total assets under management of $597,162 million as of November 30, 2018, in more than 345 funds with different characteristics.

Banco de Valores is the main escrow agent of collective investment products of Mutual Funds, with 215 funds for an amount of $174,049 million as of December 31, 2018.

Open-end Funds in custody:

Administradora de Títulos y Valores S.A.
Bacs Sociedad Gerente F.C.I.
Cima S.G.F.C.I. S.A.
Consultatio Asset Management S.A.
Convexity S.G.F.C.I.  S.A.
Gainvest S.G.F.C.I. S.A.
Gerente de Fondos S.A.
Grupo SS S.G.F.C.I. S.A.
Investis Asset Management S.A.
Mercofond S.A.
Nativa Sociedad Gerente
RJ Delta Fund Management S.A.
SBS Asset Management S.G.F.C.I. S.A.
Schroders S.G.F.C.I. S.A.
Southern Trust S.G.F.C.i. S.A.
Balanz S.G.F.C.I. S.A.
Megainver S.G.F.C.I. S.A.
Cohen S.A.
Deal S.A.
First Capital Markets S.A.
Allaria Ledesma Fondos Administrados S.G.F.C.I. S.A.

Regarding Closed-end Mutual Funds and based on the experience obtained with Boca Juniors funds, Estancias de Pilar FCCI Inmobiliaria, Agrarius I and II FCCI Agrícola, and Latin American Fund, Banco de Valores has confirmed its leadership as Organizer and Escrow Agent of Closed-end Funds through the launch of five Closed-end Mutual Funds, Law 27.260, for a total amount of US $ 263 million:

  • Allaria Residencial CasasArg I
  • SBS Infraestructura y Desarrollo Productivo
  • Consultatio Inmobiliario
  • Allaria Argencons Distrito Quartier Puerto Retiro
  • First Renta Agro

Warning notice to the investing public according to the National Stock Exchange Commission (CNV)

The investing public is informed that certain local and foreign companies offer services in various media, on products such as bonds, shares, options and futures contracts, trusts, investment funds, without the corresponding authorization from the NATIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE COMMISSION.

The offers made to local investors from abroad that allow operating through computer platforms or web pages, represent a high risk for the investing public.

Therefore, it is warned about the high risks of loss of capital that could potentially lead to investments through unauthorized entities and the consequences that may arise due to violation to Public Offering Law No. 17.811.

For a complete list of MANAGEMENT COMPANIES, DEPOSITORY COMPANIES and MUTUAL FUNDS PLACEMENT AGENTS registered at the National Stock Exchange Commission, visit the website

Mutual Funds – Decree 616/05 (pdf)