Queries and Claims

Queries and/or Claims

We inform you that the Banco Central de la República Argentina (Central Bank of the Argentine Republic) through Communication “A” 5388, its amendments and complementary provisions, has established certain obligations to be fulfilled by financial entities regarding the protection of users of financial services.

For additional information, refer to the aforementioned regulations at www.bcra.gov.ar

Claims should be submitted in writing to BANCO DE VALORES S.A. Sarmiento 310 P.B.-C.A.B.A.

As required by regulations in force, any query or claim will be finally settled within a maximum period of twenty working days, except when longer periods are legally provided for or when duly justified causes beyond BANCO DE VALORES S.A. may arise. The corresponding resolution will be notified in writing to the user of financial services.

In case of lack of reply from BANCO DE VALORES S.A. or disagreement with the decisions taken, you may file the corresponding complaint before the Banco Central de la República Argentina (Central Bank of the Argentine Republic).

Finally, we inform you that the aforementioned controlling entity has a Call Center for Users of Financial Services. To contact it, please call 0800-999-6663 from Monday to Friday, 9 am. to 4 pm.

References at BANCO DE VALORES S.A.

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