History and Authorities

Our History

Banco de Valores S.A. was created in 1978 to develop commercial banking activities and those related to investment banking.

Mercado de Valores de Buenos Aires, its founder, designed its distinctive profile in the banking system it currently represents, making it the most identified financial institution with the capital market in Argentina. This condition remains fully valid in view of the recent creation of Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos S. A. (BYMA), a follow-on market to MERVAL, as a result of the division of MERVAL into two companies, BYMA, in association with the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange and Grupo Financiero Valores S. A., which becomes the majority shareholder, holding 99,9% of Banco de Valores shares.

It is the only Bank in Argentina whose foundational objective is to contribute to the development of capital markets.

The experience of the stock market system does not require further comments. Two years after the founding act of Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires Stock Exchange) took place in 1856, it started the subscription and trading of shares of the first companies that made a public offering, among them: Compañía de Gas, Banco Argentino, Caja de Crédito, Coliseum and Ferrocarriles del Sur. The Patriotic Fund coordination was carried out in 1898 and the Stock Exchange showed the decisive role it could play in the following decades regarding the development of the argentine capital markets.

The institutional connection with brokers and brokerage firms was successfully evidenced with the placement of more than 1,299 capital market transactions (equity-debt securities-financial trust) for a total of $142,306 million.

Banco de Valores is a trading company registered with the Public Registry of Commerce on December 18, 1978, under number 4834, Book 88, Volume A of Corporations and was authorized to operate as a commercial bank by Banco Central de la República Argentina, on October 6, 1978, having registered office in Sarmiento 310, City of Buenos Aires.

Authorities and Executives

Lic. Juan I. Nápoli

Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Norberto D. A. Mathys

Dr. Mario S. Rossi
Ing. Víctor A. Marina
Lic. Sebastián Salaber

Alternate Directors
Sr. Fernando L. Giannoni
Sr. Alberto H. Ubertone
Lic. A. Patricia Fescina

Supervisory Committee
Dr. Rubén Segal (Syndic)
Dr. Carlos J. Piazza (Syndic)
Dr. Federico Citati (Syndic)

Alternate Syndic
Dr. Alejandro Almarza
Dr. Bruno G. Toia
Dr. Rafael Carlos Monsegur

Senior Management

Deputy General Manager
Lic. Alejandro Bedoya

Commercial Operations Management
Dr. Sergio A. Capdevila

Finance Management
Mr. Fernando E. Urso

Administrative Management
Dr. Daniel Real

Operations Management
Dr. Delma I. Ferrero

Systems and Technology Management
Ing. Adrián Porto

Project Management
Lic. Martín Filgueira

Integral Risks Management
Dr. Diego L. Giambruni

Human Resources Management
Lic. Hernán Calabró

Money Laundering Prevention Management
Dr. Daniel Ferraro

Internal Audit Management
Dra. Fernanda Infante

Assistant to Managing Board
Lic. Jorge Saez

Corporate Headquarters

Registration Notice

Ordered By-Laws in Force

Ordered Current By-Laws

Corporate Governance Code

Banco de Valores S.A. Current Code